I have been studying and researching Willow Court (WCC) and Royal Derwent Hospital (RDH) for a few years. I was born and grew up in New Norfolk and have always been around the site in some form.

I find the site to be very intriguing and fascinating because of its rich history, architecture, people, culture and stories. If only the walls could talk!!!!

Because of my passion for WCC & RDH I decided to become a member of the Derwent Valley Council Willow Court Committee to try and make a difference and save this world class attraction.

Over the years I have explored the Wards quite regularly both day and night. I started to journal my explorations and investigations in my livejournal site because there was little information available on the net about WCC & RDH. However because my livejournal was hard to locate on a Google search I decided to create a new site.


http://royal-derwent.livejournal.com /



I am also a Lead Investigation and Co-Founder of the Australia Paranormal Investigation Unit. We have held many paranormal investigations in both Council and privatly owned wards over the years with some interesting findings. To read more about APIU please follow the link.




I would like to thank Glenn Hevey, Aiden Sullivan and Shaun Hevey for helping me create this site and for their valuable input and information which they have contributed to the site.

I hope that you find this site informative, if you have any questions suggestions or would like to add please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Nick Jarvis