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Following on from my previous blog surrounding Glenora ward I thought it would be wise to document the current state of the other Oval precinct buildings, Esperance & Derwent. This week’s blog will be focused on Ward E. Built in 1936, Ward E was used to house patients with a

May 21, 2016
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I received these two building plans earlier on in the year from a Derwent Valley councillor, it gives a great sense of how the barracks was original used while in operation! I personal like the plan showing a side profile of the building and also what each room was. Aiden.

May 18, 2016
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Glenora, or what’s commonly known as “Ward G” is the last surviving single storey building which surrounds the oval “Now Woolworths”. This area of Willow court was often referred to as the “Oval precinct” Now, unfortunately, its known as an eyesore to a large part of the community. Whilst

May 09, 2016