Misc Reports

This section is for paranormal reports that are less credible but still enough to make mention and to record. I must admit not all the stories that I have heard are listed in this section, however I anticipate filling it up a bit more over the next few years as Willow Court starts to open back up again.

If you have a story you wish to share on this page please contact us. You can remain anonymous.

Ward G (Glenora)

APIU have had many unexplained and possible paranormal experiences in this ward. It is fair to say it’s quite active. In a photo taken in Ward G we have captured what appears to be several face in a window pane, the faces are quite clear and distinct. APIU have tried to investigate this but are unable to replicate the same photo.

APIU have also left and Article regarding the Greens working towards a formal parliamentary apology to children abused and neglected in Sate Care Willow Court. We read the article and left it there along with a voice recorder to hopefully capture any feedback. When we came back about 30 mins later we noticed that the article and been moved and turned the other way. We went back to listen to the voice recorder and we heard something physically pick up the article like when you try and pick up a flat piece of paper from the floor. There was no one else inside the ward at the time and there was also no wind. To this day we do not have any explanation apart from it being paranormal.

APIU have also heard strange noises coming from Ward G along with whistling sounds that carries a tune. APIU have also captured quite a few times and big bright Orb in a particular spot in the cell area. A medium looked at the picks and believes it is a spirit of a little girl that possibly drowned.

The Cave Clan wrote when we were in “Glenora house, I had walked off ahead of the group into the building, leaving the others behind with a single failing torch. I happily wandered around whistling a tune with my head torch beaming brightly around. eventually the others got in, and i walked off to another room. a minute later they yell out to me “was that you whistling” and I said “a few minutes ago before you were in” and they said no just now. i started to creep back towards them and then BANG the sound of a door slam! Ronin yelled “lets get the fuck out of this house NOW” so they ran and I stayed to explore more. I wanted to hear the whistle. I did a lap of the building and came back to the central office/nurses viewing room where they were standing, I was looking at cupboards labelled “Patient records” and “Enema equipment” and then i heard a whistle. This building was a great distance from any houses. but there it was, a whistle. i told myself it was a bird and kept going”.

Nurses Quarters

The current tenants in the nurse’s quarters have reported things occurring including heavy objects being lifted up and thrown across the room, with no explanation of how it could have occurred. They have also reported seeing a little girl.


A lot of loud heavy unexplainable noises seem to occur in this building. Wind has been ruled out on each occasion that I know of as well as other people inside the ward. The sound is like a heave timber door being dropped, slammed and do not believe any animal that may inhabit the ward could replicate the sound.


A female TAN stated to me that she had an experience in Olga. She stated that the middle dorm had a very scary feeling to it, and she used to run past it.

She said she witnessed something one day in the main sitting room of Olga near the Kitchen. The sitting room had pot plants on the wall and once day she looked over towards the pot plants and seen a little boy with black hair and dressed in a Paige boy outfit, he quickly disappeared.

Ward 7/10

One story I heard involved a group of men who had wandered in during the night. One man unfortunately fell into one of the pits. Unable to get him out, his friend went back to their home to get some rope. When they returned, their mate was paralysed with fear after “seeing” things.

Ward 11

Once when standing the middle section of the Ward Aiden was kneeling down to look at something on the floor. When he got up he noticed something running towards him which looked like a pair of legs, he tried to get up and was disorientated.

Ward 3

“The a big room that’s green when you go inside. When I went in there the head ache started and became unbearable. I also felt like I was about to have a panic attack and my Mum ran out holding her mouth because she was vomiting. When we were in there my sister said “We’re not meant to be in here, we have to get out.” and when we were out she said there is a young girl in there by the name of Claire and her last name starts with something that sounds like ‘Au’. Both M.S and her mum stated that she heard whispering in this Ward.

RDH Staff Houses

Mathew Tennant worked at the Royal Derwent/Willow Court as a cleaner from 1994 until the closure and also lived in a staff house at 2 Lower Rd for 4 years in which time myself and two of my mates experienced 3 separate paranormal events also some strange happenings in the house.

Account 1

Mathew said that night the house felt weird like something was there. Mathew said they were watching TV about 9pm when his friend that was on the couch suddenly jumped up and ran across the room, shaking. Mathew said that his flat mate stated that he heard something whisper in his ear but couldn’t make out what it was.

Account 2

Mathew stated he was sleeping on the couch at about 2am, Matthew said he woke normally, then all of a sudden he heard a voice say “Watch him”. Mathew stated that it sounded as if the ghost was speaking to another ghost at the time.

Account 3

Mathew said about 12 months after the other incidents he was asleep in bed one night and woke up paralysed. Mathew said he couldn’t move a muscle. Mathew stated that shouted out “get the Fuck off” and all of a sudden he was able to move.


Mathew said he used to keep a room locked in the house because it was full of expensive music equipment. Mathew said on occasions he would go in there and found the door unlocked, or cupboard door and drawers opened. Mathew said because of the equipment in this room he always made sure the door was locked and drawer’s shut.

Matthew lights used to turn on over night by themselves.

Mathew stated that a self proclaimed psychic came into the house after hearing Mathews experiences and stated that there was something inside the house.