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Hello everyone. The Willow Court Project is back up and ready to go for 2017. We wanted to start with a post describing where we went, what happened and where we are going from here on out. The Issues Back in early 2016 we began noticing some issues with the

February 09, 2017

I didn't have the opportunity at the time to document or post some pics from the After Dark Tour that was held on the 10/12/16 as the website was being re-developed. So here it is, just some random photos our team took. Stay tuned for news on up

March 06, 2017

THE 2017 Pollie Pedal commenced in New Norfolk yesterday morning, for Government House in Hobart. The day started with an early-morning tour of Willow Court to learn a little of the convict history of the site, as well as a sneak peek of Rodney Dunn's restaurant development (Agrarian Kitchen) For

March 06, 2017

At last Thursdays Council meeting APIU spoke to Councillors about last years After Dark Tour and the plan to hold several more tours in future. Council responded very favorably and seemed quite intrigued with the details of the tour and the positive reviews received from several patrons. Council even encouraged

February 27, 2017

After the raging success of the First Ever Willow Court Barracks Precinct Tour on the 10 Dec 2016 APIU are at it again. We have a proposal with the Derwent Valley Council to run several more of these tours throughout 2017. We are looking forward to showcasing the site further

February 27, 2017

So excited to be back writing posts on Willow Court Project again. Special thanks to Glenn, Shaun, Tabby and anyone else who helped get the page up to scratch and looking mint. Be great to be back on board. My first post is from a conversation I had with Dr

February 23, 2017
Contact Person Nick Jarvis

This post was supposed to be about sharing a video about the Dark Mofo event, but I couldn’t help myself talking about the event once again, so bare with me. Well I think almost everyone agrees with what a success Dark Mofo was at Willow Court and the exhibition

June 28, 2016