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Hello everyone. The Willow Court Project is back up and ready to go for 2017. We wanted to start with a post describing where we went, what happened and where we are going from here on out. #####The Issues Back in early 2016 we began noticing some issues with the

February 09, 2017

For those of you who missed last Saturdays ABC News or can’t find it, I have posted a direct link that will take you to an ABC web article about the Investigation. The article also gives you the direct link to the video. [https://willowcourtproject.com/content/images/2011/

February 23, 2011
Glenn Hevey

Hi all We have now setup a page for anyone who would like to volunteer some of their time to help Willow Court This list is setup by the Willow Court Special Committee if you would like to help out please click here [http://willowcourtproject.com/volunteer-sign-up/] Thanks for all

June 17, 2010