Willow Court Project

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Hello everyone. The Willow Court Project is back up and ready to go for 2017. We wanted to start with a post describing where we went, what happened and where we are going from here on out. The Issues Back in early 2016 we began noticing some issues with the

February 09, 2017

Today on Under the Microscope, we are going to jump across to the next tab on the menu MEDIA. If you hover over the MEDIA tab at the top of the page it will bring up several options; Documents, Audio, and Video. We are going to look at what’s

March 22, 2017

Under the Microscope- Willow Court Project Let’s kick this segment off with a quick look of what is hiding under the History tab of the website starting with Ward descriptions. Ever wanted to know the name of the Ward you are looking at, or when it was built etc.

March 14, 2017