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Following on from video 18 in Alonnah we next venture into Bronte which has now been beautifully transformed into Agrarian Kitchen Eatery. We are unsure what that white object is that flashed past the bottom of the screen at .13 sec mark. Bronte was a lot more settled and calming

September 23, 2020

Agrarian Kitchen Eatery and Store at Willow Court to open on June 17 SHAUN McMANUS, Mercury Pictures: Matt Thompson THE highly-anticipated Agrarian Kitchen Eatery and Store at Willow Court finally has an opening date — June 17. Rodney Dunn, who owns the Agrarian Kitchen with his wife Severine Demanet, is excited

June 07, 2017

Restoration work has finally begun in Bronte, great news!!!!!!!!! For more info visit: http://www.newsnn.net/2013/06/heritage-partners-start-on-bronte.html [https://willowcourtproject.com/content/images/2013/06/nn-347x500.jpg]

June 13, 2013