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2014 State Election Candidates comments on Willow Court


AT the beginning of this final week of the current State Election campaign I wrote to all those candidates for Lyons (and a couple of extras) with publicly available email addresses. I was concerned about the almost complete lack of interest and/or commitment to this region by candidates seeking election to Parliament. In particular, I wanted to know what commitment each candidate and their party was prepared to make towards the cost of completing the restoration of Willow Court, which is now well under way. Included with my email were an update on the recent progress at Willow Court and a few photos showing the work now in progress.

I am grateful to those candidates who have been able to find time to respond in this very busy week. A basic outline of their responses follows, in the order received.

I found this part frustrating:

“Tim Morris MHA, deputy leader of the Tasmanian Greens and candidate for Lyons, emailed the following statement with express permission to publish it:  “No one  from the Council, or Willow Court committee (or whatever it is), has shown the slightest inclination.”