Oval Wards Renovation Milestone

Today David Bromfield shared an image on the Our New Norfolk Facebook group that for me really signified that the Oval Ward renovation is really happening.


You can't blame many of us being sceptical on restorations, renovations proposals etc at Willow Court because over the years many have fallen over, but this time its different.

I believe work began on the renovation process on the Oval Wards back in Mid 2013, but like all things Willow Court it didn't go as planned.

A big hole in the brick work was made early in the renovation process and has been there ever since. The reason for the big hole was several ventilation shafts were removed as well as a small building below which would have been a plant room.


To see the big gaping hole repaired, albeit small in the grand scheme of things is a big step forward and signifies for me that things are really happening this time around.


For those who are unaware Corumbene Care is currently building a Health Hub in Derwent and Esperance buildings t be completed late 2023.