New Book- Royal Derwent Hospital The First Ten Years by Lyell Wilson

The Royal Derwent Hospital The First 10 Years 1968 -1977.

I think I first met Lyell at his house in 2013 when he first started working on his book. I went to his place to show him the ECT Machine that I had from Willow Court/Royal Derwent Hospital and he took some photos and we had a chat.

We have kept in touch ever since, usually our conversations consists of me asking him questions about Willow Court or seeking clarification on something. Lyell is a wealth of information so I knew his book would be well worth the wait.

This afternoon I met with Lyell and he very generously gave me a copy of his new book titled The Royal Derwent Hospital The First 10 Years 1968 -1977.

The cover of the book is a map that his father illustrated when he used to work at the hospital.

I'm yet to read the book, but I have flicked through the pages and seen some of the photos, maps etc and I'm really excited to get in to it.
I especially love some of the fonts he has used for the title of the chapters.

I'm also very honoured to be included in the acknowledgements and index. Feels great to be referenced to something academic in regards to Willow Court.


Lyell tells me he is now working on a book on Millbrook Rise and would then love to do the following Ten Years at Royal Derwent Hospital.

Lyell hopes that the book will be available to purchase sometime next week. Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks Lyell!