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VIDEO- Abandoned Willow Court / Royal Derwent Lunatic Asylum Mental Hospital New Norfolk (Metallica)


Found this video by NihilisticTorture on youtube the other day. Its quite an interesting Photo video, worth a look.
People who frequent the RDH side in particular the Former Ward 4, will find it more interesting I reckon.

Here is what Mick had to say about his video:

“One day we thought it would be a good idea to sleep there so we grabbed some blankets and some grog and headed up (we’re from Hobart)
We just took the face masks and fake blood so we could take some cool pics. It was only a cheap 5MP camera.

We slept there three times in ward 4 from about august last year to about april this year i think it was.
We didn’t have any paranormal experiences as such, but the first night we spent there just before sunrise the temperature dropped dramatically, the air was extremely cold and thick, and it was quiet eerie. During the night we did hear some loud banging sounds and doors slamming but i just put it down to the wind.
My girlfriend doesn’t believe in the paranormal but im open minded.

The first night we spent in a store room and the next couple of times in one of the cells.The first night we both sensed some type of presents as if we were surrounded by sad and lonely souls, the atmosphere was like nothing we had ever felt. As we sat there drinking it was like these sad and lonely souls were moving in closer and enjoying our company and trying to protect us from something. It wasn’t a scary atmosphere but very relaxing and tranquil. I think that is the reason we were drawn back two more times.

I don’t think we will be going back again”