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ABC 936 Interview - How State Archivist dealt with Willow Court Docco Footage


Breakfast with Ryk Goddard ABC 936****


If you were up bright and early and listening to ABC 936 you would have heard the words Willow Court and Docco. These words were uttered around 5:30am this morning.

There was an interview with State Archive Manager Ross Latham and Ryk Goddard from ABC Radio.

Here is the link if you would like to listen, Willow Court part starts at approx 3:35 min—ross-latham-willow-court-footage.mp3


Ryk summarised the interview as this,

“ In short though it was about how the State Archivist Ross Latham dealt with the request for footage from the doco film makers, how the State archive came to have the footage in the first p lace and how they manage sensitivities of individuals vs. making records public, especially in the digital age.  He didn’t talk much about the actual footage apart from saying they’ve released no footage of children and that some of the practises that he is sure were well meaning then are pretty shocking to watch now. “

An update on the Docco, we are waiting on the letter from the Council’s Lawyer to reach the Council Chambers before its given the final approval which has already taken close to a month. Conversation with the General Manager have given the impression that its going to be approved.