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ABC RADIO- David Llewellyn Update on Willow Court

ABC 936- Mornings on demand – Monday 22/10/2012

DAVID LLEWELLYN, Chairman of the Willow Court Conservation Special Committee, gave us an update. (20:51 min)

Points of interest from the interview:

  • Hotelier inviting people to stay the night at the Morgue and Davids opinion on that. (Positive) = more people on site means better protection  and less likely to be vandalized.
  • David responds to sensitivity concerns over the Morgue development.
  • What he has learnt- “Its a Balance between, lots of feelings both ways which we need to take into account”
  • Next major area of concern getting lighting onto the Ave and power.
  • Restoration of Gate’s coming along
  • Vandalism? haven’t had any real vandalism since August. Mentions the recent developments in the private section have opened on site which means better protection.
  • What can the site become?
  • ****Davids England trip discovery (Aug/Sept 2012)- found paper drawings of Barracks additions, and audinants report from Royal Engineers, a lot of info that hasn’t seen the light of day in Tas.
  • Govt funding $$$- Working on that aspect thru the MoU (Need approx $10 Million)
  • Need an Anchor Tenant for Bronte- Alonnah, be a commercially viable operation.
  • Spoke about Oval Ward developments

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