Contact Person Nick Jarvis

And then there was one

With the recent fire in Ward 1, the number of Wards in RDH has dwindled down to a lonely 1.

Apart from Ward 10 which is privately owned and occupied, Ward 12 is the last surviving Ward of the Former ROYAL DERWENT HOSPITAL.

If you ever wanted to visit Ward 12 the last remaining Ward, I would do so very soon but take real care, who knows who watching. Given the recent trends Ward 12 will also be set on fire within a few weeks. However being so close to homes may be they won’t set this on alight.

There are other RDH buildings still standing such as the Bowling Green, social centre, chapel, laundry, kitchen, boiler house, stores, and transport.

The future of the bowling green is very bleak I’m surprised that hasn’t been knocked down already. As for the Chapel I’m not sure what’s happening there. I believe that the investor might be keeping it until he decides weather it will have any purpose in the new development as the chapel would be very easily demolished as it has no internal rooms etc. As for the other buildings mentioned I believe they will be safe from any type of demolition.