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Another attempt to stop the Willow Court docco by a sub group this time they get personal and spiteful.


I had an interesting discussion with one of Cassie O’Connor’s advisers today. I was informed that the  sub group had been in to meet with a ministerial adviser and raised their concerns over the documentary.   The sub group produced a copy for the advisers to view which the sub group had no permission to neither have in their possession nor distribute.

The Adviser said the sub group had put them in an awkward situation.

The minster advisers listened to their concerns however advised that there was nothing that could be done from the ministers position.

The Ministers Office is not aware of any reason to stop the distribution of the DVD, and told the sub group to explore other options.

On another spiteful note the sub group tried to personally breach me Under the State Services Act. The Adviser said that is something that would be would need to be raised with my management.

Where to next for this sub group, I think they are starting to run out of people to complain too.

Give it a rest guys, it’s been seen and passed through so many people  now I think it’s time to accept the fact and work together rather ran resort to getting personal.

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I a positive note two of the advisers I spoke with liked the docco!

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