APIU the Willow Court Night Tour ORIGINATORS

APIU the Willow Court Night Tour ORIGINATORS

Blast from the Past!

Wow just came across some old posts and Tour Logo for the original tour we ran 5 years ago buried in an old USB drive.

The posts were about the 3 Ghost tours that we ran way back in December 2011 with the first one being 2/11/11.

Aiden was the tour guide and guided patrons through the near empty Nurses Cottage, Ladies Cottage and Morgue. It was a lot spookier back then because there was really no business activity happening within that area. There was definitely no McDonalds or Woolworths across the road contaminating evidence like today.

We did have a dedicated Facebook group for the Original Ghost Tour but it was so horribly outdated that several years ago that we took it down, although remnants are scattered throughout facebook and Willow Court Project.

It was quite a successful tour with a few people returning for multiple opportunities to tour the site at night.

A huge thankyou goes out to Haydn and Penny Pearce who let us conduct tours throughout their buildings.

It’s been a long hard road (5 years in fact) to get access to the Council Owned Wards for another first for the site The After Dark Night Tour held in the Barracks Precinct. The Barracks Precinct had never before seen a night tour until we were given the privilege.

We are so very honoured and humbled to be the:

• First Group to run Tours in Willow Court (2011)

• First Group to conduct Tours in The Barracks Precinct

Its also very flattering that other Teams have started to mimic our tour almost down the actual name. Its proves that we must be doing something right.

We also have another first lined up, so stay tuned.

If you would like to see some of the old post regarding the Original Tour they can be found here: