APIU & Willow Court in National Media

Well it’s been a very busy 2 weeks for APIU ever since the “Council Hires Real-life Ghost Hunters” piece aired on ABC News (TV) last Saturday Night (19/2/11).



The wording of the News Article seemed to get a few people up in arms within Council and probably in the municipality of New Norfolk.

On Tuesday Night (22/2/11) at approx 8:30pm we were discussed on ABC Radio 936 where the Mayor stated that we were not paid or employed by Council for doing the Investigation. The ABC presenter also spoke with a sceptic Peter Barrett from Canberra about the Investigation.


Shortly after, Newsnn posted an article on their site titled:New Norfolk NEWS: ABC’s ghost story busted, where it talked about the error made by the ABC.



Since then numerous Radio Broadcasters have contacted us from Across Australia requesting Interviews from Radio 5AA in Adelaide weeknights between 7 and 8 PM, Afternoons with Moyd and Loretta: Midday until 3pm on 4BC Brisbane and Tassie’s own Brekky Show with Matt & LC on 100.9 SeaFM.

Matt & LC have requested that we take them up to Willow Court for a tour which we are currently working on.


To hear the 4BC Brisbane Interview listen here: http://www.4bc.com.au/blogs/4bc-blog/who-ya-gonna-call/20110225-1b7zz.html


 APIU was also in  the 7 NEWS website- “Ghost hunters haunt old mental asylum”http://au.news.yahoo.com/queensland/a/-/odd/8883174/ghost-hunters-haunt-old-mental-asylum/1/date/asc/905288/

APIU was also on the front and third page of  Wednesday’s 2/3/11 Derwent Valley Gazette.

To view better quality versions of the gazette

e article I have uploaded it under the Willow Court Documents Section and titled it Gazette 1 & Gazette 2.