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APIU Willow Court Paranormal Docco nearing Completion

With the Willow Court Paranormal Documentary nearing completion I thought I would post a video done by the ABC.

When approval was sought to investigate and film there was a lot of national interest when news got round that the local Council gave us permission to investigate. Somewhere along the lines some of the media got the real story confused and thought the Council hired us to investigate, which was totally incorrect. There  was also a few other inaccuracies throughout the segment, however most of these were inadvertently addressed in the original video if we got to see it.

Please be aware that this video is only a very small section of the original cut which was a lot longer. Originally the segment was going to be on the last episode of Stateline for the year however a major political event took place that week and out segment got booted, because that was the episode for the year it was severely cut down and put on ABC news instead.