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ASYLUM TRAGEDY- Lunatic Kills Fellow Patient Willow Court


Lunatic Kills Fellow Patient Hobart. Nov. 28  

An inquest was held today on in the body of Harold Solomon, :in inmate of the New Norfolk Mental Hospital, he was killed yesterday by a fellow patient

named Ivan Smith, with a piece of green firewood. Tasman Morgan, an attendant at the hospital, said that at about 10.15 yesterday morning he heard a dull sound as though a blow had been struck. On in investigating he saw Smith dragging the deceased away by the legs. He yelled out and Smith ran away. He had known Smith for elven months, and during that time he had found him quiet. Smith had never shown signs of violence or homicidal mania.   Dr. E. U- MacDonnell. Medical Superintendent, said he found deceased lying on the ground. The pulse beat was just perceptible. Smith was admitted in 1915 discharged in 1920 and re-admitted in January. 1922. It was on record that Smith had once attempted to commit suicide. Other evidence was given by attendants and police. The jury found that Solomon met his death from a fractured skull due to a blow from a piece of wood inflicted

by a fellow patient. Ivan Smith, who was hopelessly insane. There was no evidence of negligence on the parf of those   authority.


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