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Barracks: SAVED FROM THE WRECKER (& Willow Tree Information)

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Willow Court saved from the wreckers SEM 17 May 1969 B 


I was sent this by someone who works in the Mercury. It’s an awesome little article and was in the Mercury May 1969.

DR John Weatherley (Hospital Administrator) saved the section of the Barracks that still exists today from the wrecking ball during the huge restructure of the hospital in the mid 1960’s.

He claimed this section of the barracks under an amnesty, the Govt was prepared to grant for a  selected building of historical value.

Can you imagine if the knocked the whole thing down. It would be disastrous and almost criminal. Thank god for Dr Weatherly vision and foresight in protecting this Ward. Lets hope others today and in the future  have the same vision in saving & protecting what we have left today.

On another interesting not the article also explains the Famous Willow Tree was removed due to Rot. Based on previous information I sourced and on this article I think it’s now confirmed that the tree was removed in the 60’s.

Its really lovely to see the to ladies once again having the foresight vision to save some of this famous Willow Tree so that it can be saved and planted throughout  Willow Court and most likely other locations in the Derwent Valley.  I did hear rumors that root stock was planted at the Salmon Ponds.

It’s a shame The Barracks Museum and café never eventuated and to my knowledge the willow trees were never planted in willow court, unless they have been removed over years.

I really liked DR Weatherley’s plans for the Park, named Lachlan Park to provide a link with the old hospitals name. I liked the idea of providing access to the old mill race. I don’t know anything about the mill race or John Terry’s Mill or whatever happened to the original millstones unless they are the ones near Arthur’s square.  Can anyone shed some light on the Mill?

What I find amusing yet frustrating is that since 1969 nothing much has changed for Willow Court, almost 43 years on and we haven’t been able to act or better the vision of the past.

Dr Weatherley finishes by saying willow court and the park will be something which the State could be proud and something which everybody could enjoy.

Dr Weatherley I agree with you. We haven’t got there yet, but one day I hope we will.

Nick J