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Christmas at Willow Court

Lachlan Park Christmas Cheer for Patients

Examiner 24/12/1938

The carrying of Christmas cheer to the LachlanPark Hospital on Wednesday night was on a larger scale than ever before, as auxiliaries in all the principal towns of the state gave generous assistance. On a be flagged lawn, a big Christmas tree, brilliantly lighted, bent under the load of gifts. The function started with the arrival of the institution’s band, and at 7.30 Father Christmas delighted the 300 patients by making the distribution of gifts. Dancing on the lawn gave added liveliness to proceedings and there was keen interest in a waltzing competition. The medical superintendent (Dr. CR. D. Brothers) thanked all who had helped to make the evening, so pleasant, specially mentioning the auxiliaries.

Sounds like a good night!!

xmas willow court