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Council States- "The State's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner says Nothing of Concern in the Willow Court Docco "


According to the Council and  Newsnn the State’s anti-discrimination commissioner Robin Banks said there is nothing of Concern in the Willow Court Docco.

According to an article in Newsnn titled “Nothing of Concern in Video” its states “THE state’s anti-discrimination commissioner had viewed the Willow Court paranormal documentary and found nothing of concern, this month’s Derwent Valley Council meeting was told. Approved for release two months ago, the film was forwarded to the Tasmanian anti-discrimination commissioner following an expression of concern by her federal counterpart.

Produced by the Australian Paranormal Investigation Unit (APIU) the film documents a paranormal investigation at the Willow Court historic site. Mr Mackey said he had been advised by the council’s solicitor that there was nothing in the documentary of concern to the anti-discrimination commissioner.

Mr Mackey told the council meeting that a memorandum of understanding would be developed with APIU to document the terms of the release.”


Just another example that APIU have done all that has been asked and have gone thru all due processes. Credit should be given for producing a video that by all accounts is respectful, sensitive and of no real concern to the DVC, DVC Solicitor, State Archives, and DHHS. 

Its such as shame that the 2 main opponents still cling to desperate measures to bring the docco down. However thanks must be given to them because they have inadvertently raised the profile of the docco tremendously and given it much more credibility and community and professional support.

We look forward to signing the MOU in the next few weeks with just Council!