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Dark Mofo at Willow Court- Mike Parr (video)

This post was supposed to be about sharing a video about the Dark Mofo event, but I couldn’t help myself talking about the event once again, so bare with me.

Well I think almost everyone agrees with what a success Dark Mofo was at Willow Court and the exhibition put on by Mike Parr.

I think that both Mona and the Derwent Valley Council did a great job in making the event as successful as it was, they both really got behind the event.

It only proves how popular Willow Court is amongst the broader community and demonstrates the different, left of thinking uses the site can hold.

Dark mofo party Willow Court 1

**I went on the opening night, when the party was held in the quad of the ladies cottage. What a great sight. Fire pits were all down the avenue starting from just before the entrance gates of Willow Court all the way down to the Barracks precinct. **

The Quad was full of various food and beverage stalls from local producers and there was even free sausages and beer at one point, now how about that!!

Dark mofo party Willow Court 2

I have always dreamt of an event like that at Willow Court, hence why my Buck’s Party was in the Nurses Cottage. I think the fire pits and local produces should be a frequent event in Willow Court.

Dark mofo party Willow Court 3

The exhibition inside the Barracks, OT and Ward C was amazing. Witnessing all the mirrors staring back at you, was like a million eyes watching you in the darkness, like the feeling we (APIU) get when we get to investigate the wards at night.

The Mike Parr part in Allonah was very moving in my opinion. I found it quite freaky seeing him in his pajamas in a room long abandoned, silent, drawing and staring back at you via a mirror. We have always know that ward to be quite tense and active, so to see another person in there doing what he was doing was quite eye opening and touching.

I could go on for a while but I will leave it there, so enjoy the video uploaded by Chloe.