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Doing the Dishes - Ward 3 Photo

Great little photo that gives some insight in to the day to day runnings of a Ward in RDH.

This photo was taken in 1980 and shows several ladies clearing up /doing the dishes after lunch. All these old ladies were anywhere from 65-85 years old and suffered varying degrees of dementia.

This was a regular routine – it was very loosely rostered – all who were able to help with these type of domestic jobs – some might do some dishes, some might do some /all of their own laundry (smalls), some might do a bit of sweeping /dusting were encouraged to do so.

There were always allowances for anyone who wasn’t mentally well or physically unwell etc. It was just a way of encouraging sharing some responsibility, co-operating with others, keeping the brain matter active etc. The ward aids /nurses would supervise and keep the chatter going etc.

ward 3