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Approved to Investigate Willow Court (Docco)


At last nights DVC Meeting our Docco proposal for C Ward and Alonnah was approved by the majority of Councillors. The next step is to meet with the DVC to go over a few conditions etc.

Below is Aiden Sullivan’s write up of last nights meeting:

Last night I attended the Derwent valley council meeting where our request to conduct a paranormal investigation was on the agenda.

Our request was a big talking point of the night and I was amazed at the support I received from council members, barring a few of course.

First to stand was James who talked about the paranormal being more accepted in the wider community and that it does have a big following, Including himself who has been into the paranormal as a child.

He told people of our experiences and also gave us the big thumbs up with us going through the council for approval unlike some other teams.

Craig was next to take the stand, He commended us for coming through the council for permission and believed that it was a great idea as it is a talking point in the community. He said he completely supported us in this request we have put forward.

Damien now took the stand to say it had been a weird request but also a great one, He knows the great work we do for the site and knows we would try our hardest to create the best doco we could. He also put forward that we had indeed request C ward and Allonah and not just one of the buildings.

He then stated that the council should lead by example as we have come through the right paths for gaining access to the site and had not taken the path of another team that put a video on you tube that they thought contained the voice of an ex mayor.

Jim was the next in the ranks to give his opinion, He stated that paranormal was a part of everyday life whether we like it or not ( I personal felt that the wording he put together for that sentence was perfect and I could not sum up the world of the paranormal any better myself.) and that we should not be blocked in doing this doco. He also moved an amendment to get the “qualifications” scrubbed off the list of criteria, as he knows that there isn’t any courses available. He then asked me if we needed any licenses to use the equipment we use, I stated no and continued to tell them that we adapt every day equipment for the use in paranormal. Jim also moved an amendment to change the title to C ward and Allonah wards to give us access to both.

The mayor agreed and seen no trouble in giving us access to both.

Barry was next to speak, He stated that he did not believe in the paranormal so he could not support it. (Which is fair, everybody is entitled to their beliefs.)

Next was Judy, she commended us for coming through the council and not to take the matter into our own hands. Although she said she is sitting on the fence as it is a sensitive subject and that there might still be family’s in the community. (Judy is right, this is a touchy subject with people who lost family members within willow court. A.P.I.U are 100% respectful of this and try to be as careful as they can on investigation, Our doco will be aired by the council and if anything is confronting we will be willing to track down the family’s and ask for permission. If not we will leave it out.)

Narelle agreed and stated that she was also sitting on the fence about this.

(I’m willing to sit down with the council to find ways of working this out, whether it be asking for family permission or cutting out confronting parts.)





voted for us

Barry voted against

Judy and Narelle didn’t vote.

This is written in my words and doesn’t not reflect what each person said word for word.

Thank you

Aiden Sullivan

Co-founder/ Lead investigator