Face of a Ghost? MY FIRST GHOST ENCOUNTER Willow Court

Face of a Ghost?

This is what Toby R from TASGANG Claims.

I managed to talk to Toby who was the person who uploaded the footage on youtube.

I initially asked him what was the reason they ran out of the building. I assumed it was because of the multiple equipment failures they were experiencing, but he said it was something else.

So I quizzed him further, Toby stated that he was with his mother and one other lady. Earlier that night their torch kept turning itself off inside Ward D which they thought was very odd.

On the last occasion they walked in and heard a few knocking like noises. Next minute the torch went out and they ran. Toby stated that at the point of running his mum saw a mist. It wasn't until they reviewed the footage that they saw a ghostly face at the 48sec mark.

Toby said that no one in his group looks like the face they captured in the video, and he has no explanation other than to label it his first ghost encounter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the face.