Contact Person Nick Jarvis

FULL BODIED APPARITION near Admin/Barracks???

A few of the APIU guys happened to be walking up the Ave in WCC in the early hours of Thursday morning. As they were walking up the hill towards Admin, they could see some headlights from a car over the crest of hill approaching them in the opposite direction.

As the headlights shone along the old brick wall which runs along Bronte and Alonnah all 3 investigators report seeing a black figure or mass running/moving along the fence line. It wasn’t a person and what ever it was had disappeared by the time we made it towards the fence.

APIU tried to debunk it by waiting in the same spot for another car to approach in the same direction, but due to the early hours no cars came.

APIU will be going back there one night to try and debunk the sighting, by waiting for a car to approach and see whether the figure was indeed a full bodied apparition or just a reflection from the headlights.

Interesting to note, the figure was in the exact same area in which myself and my fiancé reported seeing a white full bodied apparition run across the road. Defiantly a place to study a bit more I reckon.