Ghost Hunter Witnesses Apparition in Willow Court


Glenn Hevey a Lead Investigator and Co-founder of APIU was driving home from our regular Willow Court & Barracks Working Group Meeting at approx 8:40pm last night 3/3/11.

As he was driving down the hill near the Lachlan River Bridge Glenn reported seeing a white haze but could see what appeared to be legs at the bottom of it. Glenn said it disappear on the entrance to the road next to the river. Glenn said he was the only person on the road and saw it clear as day, it was pretty big.

Glenn informed me that it was dark and there was no rain, fog or mist present at the time he seen the apparition.


Remembering this is just down the road from where I witness a white figure float across the road and where Aiden Sullivan witnessed a black shadow figure dart along the edge old wall near Bronte. I have also heard reports of other people witnessing a woman in a white gown in that area from 2 different sources.

Once again this is a Personal Experience as we don’t have any hard evidence, so we are unable to confirm or deny whether what Glenn witnessed was indeed Paranormal. But given this is not the first unusual sighting in the area it defiantly raises more questions.