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Hypocritical!: Willow Court Tasmania: Site of Conscious


Site of Conscious, where is your conscious?


Willow Court Tasmania: Site of Conscious explains what they stand for (found on their group)

“A Site of Conscious

Interprets history through historic sites;

engages in programs that stimulate dialogue on pressing social issues;
They also draw explicit connections between past and present;
foster dialogue among diverse stakeholders; and
open avenues for citizen participation in other human rights or transitional justice efforts.”


“Sites of Conscience:

Interpret history through historic sites;
Engage in programs that stimulate dialogue on pressing social issues;
Promote humanitarian values as a primary function; and
Share opportunities for public involvement in issues raised at the site.”


Youtube video from the International Coalition of Site of Conscious



I used to work in the Disability Sector for over 6 years, and I agree with the majority of what the International Coalition of Site of Conscious stands for.

It’s strange for me to find a group or website on the internet about Willow Court and not join instantly. However when I came across this group on facebook I knew that some of the key players/admin of this group don’t particularly like what I & APIU have been doing for Willow Court over several years.

Knowing this I decided not to join the group, and thought it best if I stayed out of this one.


Last week I was on facebook and I got a notification saying I was accepted into the Willow Court Tasmanian Site of Conscious Group, and within a few minutes I was kindly welcomed by Janet. Janet was glad to see me on the group and roughly stated that she looked forward to working together and having some good discussion and debate.


From that initial discussion & welcome by Janet I decided to stay as a member of the group and start contributing.

(I found out later that I was added by a fellow member of the group who thought that I should join and work as one unified front for Willow Court.)

Yesterday I uploaded a link to the Willow Court & Barracks Working Group Meeting Minutes on my website and facebook group.

Later that day member from the Site of Conscious group contacted me and asked if I could upload the link on the site of conscious group. I agreed and last night I uploaded the link only for it to disappear several minutes later. I thought it may have been a glitch so I uploaded it again to the site of conscious page and once again it was removed.


I then had this message in my inbox:


“Hi Nick,

I have talk with J and we believe that this group is not the appropriate place to deal with committee business or council business. We have made this clear to all members of the committee who are on here. You can send individual messages outside and also give direct links to that information, which is available on the DVC site.

Our number one goal is allowing our sector and students to show support for a site of conscience and for them to have their say. We are not advocating for or getting into debates with the steering committee or DVC.

I believe J has already discussed this on email with you and also extended an invite to catch up with us to discuss our direction and purpose. I would also invite you to meet with us.”

To which I replied briefly

“Sorry but that’s a bit hypocritical, most of the stuff on your group in some way deals with the committee or council business e.g. Open days, videos, access etc etc do you need me to go on.”******

** **

One only needs to look at the majority of posts that are on the Site of Conscious group and they are all linked to committee or DVC business. Here’s are few


  • Link to the DVC website- Macdonald Report

  • Several Videos including DVC owned buildings whilst accessing with DVC permission

  • Post about the Willow Court Committee working bee

  • Post about a DVC meeting and counselors rejection a motion to which a comment was made about the DVC

  • Post and comments about what the DVC have done in relation to the Malcolm McDonald Report

  • Post about the cancellation of the Committee’s autumn festival Open Day

  • Post about the Committee hosting an Open Day on May 6th


I did not delve into DVC or Committee business unlike they have, I simply uploaded a link (as requested) for the group’s members to access the Committee Meeting Minutes.

Oh and J never emailed me stating anything along those lines. If I new thats how they operate I would have respectfully left the group there and then.

Willow Court as it stands will always have business with the DVC or the Commitee as these are the only 2 Offical bodies involved in the site long term.

I think it’s quite sad that a group with such high humanitarian background and motivation to be hypocritical and censor someone’s post with no tangible reason.

I standby the fact that I have never removed or censored a comment that involved willow court no matter what context it was in. I welcome everyone to have their say, I respect everyone’s opinions not matter if I agree or not. The only time I would ever delete a post if it was spam or it was of a threatening or abusive nature.

Debate is healthy and it is something that Willow Court needs to achieve a postive and successful future.

I’m not saying that that you should not join the Willow Court Tasmania: Site of Conscious Group that’s up to you.  

I know a lot of the members of the group when I used to work in the Disability Sector and they are great people and real advocates for people with Disabilities. Having these people collectively working together and supporting Willow Court is a great asset to have in Willow Court’s corner, and keep up the work.

 My concerns are the one or two key people running this site.

In my opinion they just don’t seem to live by what they stand for!


Please tell me what you think, I welcome all comments.


Nick J