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Important Visitors @ Willow Court

I’m sorry I forgot to post this a little while back but thought it would still be quite relevant to post.

Lets hope something positive may arise from the visit in the near future.

TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

#### [Important visitors](

EARLIER today it was my great pleasure to be able to take several members of State Cabinet to Willow Court to discuss the council’s plans for the site and the need for funding. Premier Will Hodgman and the rest of cabinet met at New Norfolk this morning, followed by a regional cabinet meeting with the council.

Rather than spend an hour talking around a table, we paired councillors with a cabinet minister and used the time to visit local areas of importance. Despite the wet and windy weather, I was able to discuss the council’s need for support with Willow Court with Heritage Minister Matthew Groom, Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin, and Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma. Joining in the discussion were councillors Barry Lathey, Frank Pearce and Julie Triffett.

No promises were made but with the government still relatively new, it was a worthwhile exercise and it is always inspiring to be able to share the site with such interested visitors as these three ministers were. All three were quite taken by Frescati House and the opportunity to have a look inside.

Other ministers were taken to other locations by some of my fellow councillors. Mr Hodgman later told me this was the first time a council had taken the initiative and showed the cabinet ministers around the community rather than sit around a table. He hoped other councils would follow suit when hosting regional cabinet meetings in future.