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Interesting Comment on money generated from Willow Court Open Day.


When I uploaded the Willow Court Open Day flyer, I was contacted by a member of the committee Anne Salt regrading a few inaccuracies these being an a gold coin Entry Fee not Donation, and regarding money raised and where it would go.

I explained to Anne that the Official Committee Flyer that I went off made no mention of an Entry Fee that’s why I opted to put gold coin donation instead. Anyhow I informed Anne that I would correct the mistakes on the flyer, no worries.

This is the corrected information I upload under neath the flyer:  “*I have been informed by Anne Salt that its a GOLD COIN ENTRY FEE, not Donation as I stated. Also the money raised will not being go into the Willow Court fund.” *

“I was told ” committee had not made a decision to contribute the money raised to the restoration fund, as we have other expenses in hosting open days. So please remove the reference to funds being for the restoration fund.”

I got a rather interesting comment on facebook in relation to the corrected information regarding the Open day from Matty Graham, which I thought was very interesting and a valid comment coming from a rate payer and former staff member.

Matty comments were “what bullshit any money raised by visitors should go in a restoration fund or something as a rate payer I own part of the place so throw a few of the gold coin donations my way Anne salt so I can give them back to people interested in the restoring of willow court!”

Whats your thoughts?

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