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Is this the Tunnel???

I have been saying it for quite a while, but here is the first photo of what appears to be a ventilation shaft from the Mysterious Tunnel taken by SAM ROSEWARNE in Todays Mercury



In today’s Mercury Newspaper and online there is a great article about the uncovering of a ventilation shaft from a possible Tunnel that runs under Burnett St from Willow Court to the Bush Inn.

The article has some information from people who seen the shaft first had on the day it was dug up, also some good comments from local historians and private owners.

This is very exciting times and news amidst some sad news we had yesterday in regards to the fire and demolition of Ward 1.

I strongly support some form of archaeological investigation and the sooner the better. This could be another tourism gold mine for New Norfolk a town that has so much tourism potential it’s crazy.  Let’s hope something is done!!!!

I put my hand up for any Investigations of the tunnel LOL