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Living In Living Out Expo 1999- RDH & WCC

I seen these pics a while a go and only just came across them again the other day. I love some of the RDH ward photo it really puts what the Wards were like into perspective for those like myself who never seen them in a liveable condition.

The Barracks one is rather cool too, hopefully they open that part up at the next Open Day.

There used to be some audio as part of Living In Living Out, where ex nurses talked about their experiences of WCC and RDH, Unfortunately it looks like the audio piece has been removed.

Below is some info about Living In Living Out
*Living In / Living Out

The Royal Derwent Hospital, New Norfolk, Tasmania.
A collaborative exhibition of sound, text and stereo images, drawn from the experience of work at the Royal Derwent Mental Hospital, created by Poonkhin Khut, Miranda Morris and Martin Walch and installed in the disused maximum security Ward C of Willow Court. Curated by John McQeenie, Arts Project Officer for the Tasmanian Trades and Labour Council.*

Living in

living in 2

living in 5

living in 4

living in3