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My Exclusive Look at the Willow Court Tunnel


Last night I was given the honour of having an exclusive look at the tunnel.

It was truly an amazing experience to see it in the flesh after all these years.

I cannot give details on where the tunnel shaft is at but can tell you more will be revealed on its location and its future in the coming weeks.

This section of the Tunnel has a lot of silt at the bottom; however some minor work has taken place already to remove part of it.

Given they have not fully removed all the silt it’s had to get an accurate measurement of the tunnel. It was estimated that the Tunnel would be about 5ft tall and only as wide for a single person. But these measurements will change.

The Tunnel shaft itself would be at least 5-6 metres from ground level to tunnel bottom. You can see in the pics the bricks change from top to bottom as the location at one stage was covered over with landfill by at least 4ft.

Keep watching this page for more info, as I will reveal the location and the tunnel shafts future in the coming weeks!!!

To view larger versions of the pictures please click on the below links or click on the photos:


Please note these photos are taken looking down the shaft, the arches to the tunnel can be seen at the top and bottom of photo.

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]( "Tunnel- Derwent")

Tunnel Facing Derwent-