New Infamous Ward 5 Ghost account set to surface

The Ward 5 ghost is the most infamous paranormal report at Willow Court and dare I say it possibly in Australia.

There were several people who witnessed this ghost and other strange occurrences in Ward 5 and all believe it stemmed from a unfinished seance many years prior.

What gives this report such credibility is that it was seen by many who even to this day swear black and blue about what they seen and experienced.
At the time they risked their employment and credibility as Administration were adamant that no one talk about it.


I tend to believe this report and only wish that I had the opportunity to experience it.

What gets me writing about this ghost again, is today I was contacted by another staff member who witnessed the attack first hand and was the person who first reported it to Administration.

The lady is going to give me a detailed report as she noted all the events down in a notebook.

Sadly she informed me that two of the people to have experienced the ghost have passed away. One being the actual person was possessed and the other was on shift during the possession, who gave me her account several years ago.

It seems slowly the secrets of the this ghost might be vanishing before our very eyes, just like Winston (ghost) himself.

Stay tuned for the report comming soon!