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New Norfolk News- Reader's letter - Willow Court


This letter from LEN W. LANGAN was in last weeks Derwent Valley Gazette.

This article is taken from New Norfolk News

I personally agree with most of the articles comments but not about the demolition. Royal Derwent has been demolished but what good did that do for the site????


Willow Court – A jewel within a jewel


“ONE expresses a northern dweller’s view of New Norfolk as a many faceted sparkling gemstone set in our island state. It is redolent with the charm of our history. Sadly the institutional bodies responsible for the preservation of our historic built heritage have never taken it seriously enough to preserve or promote it as a major tourist attraction. Still less have they fought for the funding necessary to save its iconic jewels for our nation.  

The National Trust of Tasmania once visited New Norfolk, nodded appreciatively and as usual did nothing to assist the local community whatsoever. The Heritage Council made a point of stirring up clouds of artificial dust objecting to red awnings in Hobart but has virtually ignored one of our most “significant” architectural treasures. Yes, one points to “Willow Court” – a glorious Georgian building that actually pre-dates Port Arthur – now sadly enclosed in a wired-up inaccessible compound, its sad neglected state bringing a lump to one’s throat.

One observes that it is easier to stir up clouds of pointless dust about the restoration of a city building from the comfort of an office a few yards down the road, giving the impression that something is being done, rather than actually doing something important to preserve our heritage. When you collect piles of dust on outdated policy manuals a puff of wind will cloud every issue, extend publicity, and satisfy the community at large than someone is looking after the important issues. “

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