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New Website- The Place Time Forgot

The Place Time Forgot

I would like to share with you a friend’s new Willow Court Website. I have had a good look at it and I think it’s probably one of the best Willow Court related website anywhere on the internet. I’m a bit jealous LOL.

This lady approached me earlier this year for some assistance and I was more than happy to help her by giving her some information via my website and some handy contacts etc which has helped to produce this excellent website.

Her website is quite diverse and has a range of information relating to Willow Court that includes poems, personal observations, history, audio & video, there is something for everyone and is well written and laid out.

I highly recommend this website to anyone, and would like to congratulate her for the hard work she has put in but also the valuable and interesting information she has shared with all of us.


Thanks for putting me and my website in the “about me section”.

This website will defiantly be on my Links section.