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Paranormal account

Paranormal Account

Karen MacKenlay is a member of our Willow Court facebook group that wanted to share a paranormal experience she encountered in Willow Court.

The account happened 22, 23 & 24 June 2013 outside the units in Humphrey St that used to be the old Lachlan Ward, outside behind the Barracks and ward C.

At around 9:30pm Karen saw a female ghost behind Ward C, it said hello to her and then disappeared. The following night she witnessed another female but this time it was a little girl. Karen asked the girl if she was male or female and she cleared stated back female and then disappeared, Karen had a torch on the grass and she said the little girl she could turn it on if she liked, and then the torch tuned on. The following night Karen said she seen a male ghost behind the barracks building. Karen stated the she said hello to the male ghost but he disappeared without saying anything.