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Bloody hand Prints on the Floor- Ward E


I came across this on Deviant Art and thought I would talk to the photographer about the photo and about his experience in Willow Court. This is what he had to say.


“Blood my friend and I found in one of the wards in the abandoned Willow Court, New Norfolk.This freaked us out. It looks like someone had knelt down, their hands covered in blood, and was trying to crawl away, but got dragged back.

Willow Court used to be a mental asylum, and is meant to be haunted. This was one of the haunted buildings too.”

###### *“It is legit. My parents worked in Willow Court years ago, and told me about the ghosts and things, so I was interested and went with a friend and checked it out for myself. This was one of the upstairs buildings, around ward G, in the first part of willow court. We also found a torn up note entitled ‘to the girl with the big brown eyes’ and it said that you should leave this place and leave it alone. My friend and I’s legs started to stab with pain, in the same place, but in opposite legs after we read the letter. It felt like someone was grabbing on our legs. So we basically ran out of the building, and then the pain went away.*

The hand prints are real, they weren’t as bright red, as in they were quite old, I photoshopped the colour to make it stand out more, but they are real.*


I actually went to the same building again today with another friend, but chickened out and ran away… hahah c:
I hope this helped. I live in New Norfolk, so I go there quite often. “*

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