Positive Willow Court Docco Radio Interview with ABC 936


ABC Blog Titled- Willow Court Paranormal doco – the ethics of archives


At Approximately 5:35am I was interviewed on ABC 936 Radio regarding the Willow Court Docco.

I’m not exactly used to getting up at that hour so I was a bit worried how productive my brain would be. However my brain was all right but my voice was a bit raspy I thought.

It was a real positive interview with Ryk one which I thoroughly enjoyed.


This is what Ryk blogged about the the ABC website-


“Does making a film about a place work as a kind of exorcism? New Norfolk film-maker Nick Jarvis grew up with the shadow of the local asylum making his suburb the butt of jokes and mystery.

Now he’s waiting on tenterhooks for the local council to approve a doco/paranormal investigation he’s made into Willow Court before the old asylum is transformed into a hub of arts, craft and commerce….


Here is the link to listen to the interview: http://blogs.abc.net.au/tasmania/2013/04/willow-court-footage-a-day-in-the-life-of-an-archivist.html