Contact Person Nick Jarvis

Potential Paranormal Account from Wards D & E

I was contacted this week from a girl who experienced something quite abnormal inside Ward E and D last weekend.

Admittedly she openly disclosed that she had been drinking buts stated “**wish it was the alcohol but that doesn’t explain the scratches and marks on me and my boy friend and the blood. when i got home my dad even saw the scratches blood etc. and he was even freaked out.”

This isn’t the first time I have heard a story like this from those 2 wards, it’s actually starting to become a pattern.

I’m also led to believe someone has captured an awesome photo from  one of these Wards which I’m yet to see. I have been assured by someone with experience that it’s a top photo.


ACCOUNT (unedited)


On the weekend i went to the asylum with my boyfriend and this is hard to explain over an email..


i was in this room and my boyfriend told me to follow him so i did he was acting kind of strange and sounded different, i followed him and he ran up the stairs. i ran after him and when i got to the top of the stairs i couldnt see him. i was calling out to him looking for him but couldn’t see him. i went to the window and called out his name and i felt something smack me on the back of my head. i fell to the floor and the next thing i remember is my boyfriend calling out to me and me not being able to move. my boyfriend found me and helped me up. i had blood on my hands but i had no cuts on my and neither did my boyfriend. we didnt know where the blood came from. my boyfriend asked why i walked off and i said that he told me to follow hi, he said he didnt and that he was looking for me in the other building after i dissapeared. he said he couldn’t see me and went outside and sat down because he felt sick and when he sat down he heard someone from behind him calling out to him from in the building. he thought it was me. just as he was going to go back into the building is when he saw me stick my head out the window and call out to him. then he said he saw me fall to the ground and came runing up to the building i was in. he said he felt a pain shot up through his body like someone was trying to stop him from getting to me. he helped me up and we got out of there straight away. i was in tears because i was so scared my boyfriend said he was hurting, he had three scratches going up the side of his body and a giant red hand print on his back. i had scratches on my back too. we had to walk home and i was crying the whole way. when i got home i told my dad what happened he believed me and i washed the blood that was on my hands off and double checked for cuts and did’t have any.

this story is true believe it or not. just wanted to share my story.