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RDH Staff Houses
Mathew Tennant worked at the Royal Derwent/Willow Court as a cleaner from 1994 until the closure and also lived in a staff house at 2 Lower Rd for 4 years in which time myself and two of my mates experienced 3 separate paranormal events also some strange happenings in the house.

* Account 1*
Mathew said that night the house felt weird like something was there. Mathew said they were watching TV about 9pm when his friend that was on the couch suddenly jumped up and ran across the room, shaking. Mathew said that his flat mate stated that he heard something whisper in his ear but couldn’t make out what it was.

 Account 2
Mathew stated he was sleeping on the couch at about 2am, Matthew said he woke normally, then all of a sudden he heard a voice say “Watch him”. Mathew stated that it sounded as if the ghost was speaking to another ghost at the time.
Account 3
Mathew said about 12 months after the other incidents he was asleep in bed one night and woke up paralysed. Mathew said he couldn’t move a muscle. Mathew stated that shouted out “get the Fuck off” and all of a sudden he was able to move.
* *

Mathew said he used to keep a room locked in the house because it was full of expensive music equipment. Mathew said on occasions he would go in there and found the door unlocked, or cupboard door and drawers opened. Mathew said because of the equipment in this room he always made sure the door was locked and drawer’s shut.
Matthew lights used to turn on over night by themselves.
Mathew stated that a self proclaimed psychic came into the house after hearing Mathews experiences and stated that there was something inside the house.
Royal Derwent’s Nurses Home
Mathew stated one day himself and a colleague were cleaning the second and third floors of the Nurse home. Mathew stated he took the third floor whilst his Colleague the second floor.
Whilst working up there Mathew heard the lift come up and stop at his level. Mathew stated he heard the doors open and heard what sounded like someone pushing a cleaner’s trolley into the kitchen area. Mathew stated he sang out to his College to see if it was her. Mathew heard no response, he sang out a few more time until he hard
his college down stairs via the stairwell.
 Mathew heard reports of something on the Top Level of the Nurses Home. And he stated at night you would notice the elevator moving.