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Recent Willow Court “Ghost” Photos

Willow Court is no stranger to Paranormal stories and reports however over the past few days there has been an influx of reported ghost photos uploaded on to our Willow Court Facebook group.

The majority of photos come from Ashley Barwick from Ash B Photography. Ashley states

“about 6 months ago me and group of friends went exploring willow court and Derwent house, we went through every building we could access. I took about 800 photos on the day and once I got home and uploaded all my images I found about 5 freaky photos”.

Make up your own minds and enjoy.

Ashley states “believe what you will but this photo is legit, fucked up but true”

willow court ghost 2

Willow Court Ghost 1

Photo description:

“This is taken standing outside the lady’s cottage the two story building I’m standing next to the old bus and my friend is the visible person in this image, I have zoomed in and black and white so the ghost behind her is clearer, I played around with this photo for hours trying to see if it was just a dirty window but as you can see the face is half behind her arm. Believe what you will, as I said I have more photos that are as convincing as this one. I remember entering the top level of this building and feeling an overwhelming tightness in my chest and a unbelievably cold sensation over my body”

willow court ghost L 2

willow court ghost L 1

Photo Description:

Taken in Derwent Ward at approximately 4pm 6 months ago.

Willow Court ghost human