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Remember the Children Booklet

I heard about this project back in 2010 when I was working as a Service Coordinator at Disability Services. There was a flyer in our lunch room where they were calling on people to share their stories about Willow Court.

Recently I heard that Nation Disability Services Tasmania (NDS) were close to finishing the booklet. I therefore contacted NDS and introduced who I was and what I have been doing for Willow Courtthru my past & current involvement with the Willow Court Committee, Disability Services and

I was given Stage 1 of the booklet to share with the rest of the world. It’s a really a great and powerful read and depicts some pretty horrible stories but also some good.

This is only stage 1 of an ongoing project thru NDS

If you would like to contact the publisher NDS here is some contact details.

Margaret Reynolds – Mobile: 0418 181 843 or email:

Below is the link to the booket. Please keep clicking the link until it appears