Royal Derwent Hospital Ward 2 Boronia & Waratah Wings???


I found a Waratah sign outside Ward 2 on the 26 April 2009 a pile of cleaned up rubbish and was always of the opinion that they must have named the wings on Ward 2 with a name such as Waratah. Well here is some proof to my theory.

To view my old Journal log for the 26 April follow the link:

I was scouring the net thru RDH photos and found on Deviant art website some photos uploaded by Mr Vargo in April 2009 the same month I found the Waratah sign. derwent&order=9&offset=24#/d1ya7ik

Mr Vargo names this Ward the Boronia Ward however I believe it’s Ward 2 and Boronia is the Left wing in Ward 2 and Waratah is the Right wing.

In the other picture you can see where the sign possibly Waratah was removed.

I have wanted to find an answer on this question for sometime but had been unsuccessful. I feel now that I may have solved the riddle.

If anyone has any information on Waratah and Boronia Wings in RDH please contact me.