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Royal Derwent Hospital Site Valuations -7:30 Report TONIGHT

I have been helping out  (where I can) a man called Len who has  been working on a process of putting together a folder or understanding on how the value/worth of this important RDH Site was managed after its sale.

I have been informed that there will be a segment on the 7:30pm report about it tonight.

 It would appear that it was sold for much less than its actual worth when it was assessed by  Architect Micheal Ganley back in 1991. (I think you will be surprised of it valuation)

 I have had this info on the site for some tome but for people who would like to see the worth of RDH Wards and WCC Ward please click here.

Willow Court-

Royal Derwent-

I will upload the video in the following days.