Contact Person Nick Jarvis

Shedding light on the new Tunnel


Today I spoke with the actual contractor who went down the tunnel. He was nice enough to give me a few details and send me some pics and a video of the tunnel under the old banjo’s site.

The video and pic quality isn’t the best given that it’s taken from a phone and the person didn’t have sufficient lighting but at least it sheds some light on what the structure may be.

I was told that it’s approximately 15 metres long, 1.5m wide and 1.5m tall.

It appears to have another access point at the other end that has been blocked off with bricks. He said it seemed to taper at the end and almost looked like you could turn right.

It has old earthenware pipes and a more modern day PVC pipe.

There was a footing that he had to duck under.

The orange sheeting is below the concrete slab.

To me it seems that it may be a service tunnel, given the footings, orange sheeting, and the pipes.  However still quite interesting especially being so close to the Convict era drain.