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The Gazette: New Tourist Lure- Museum

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Front page of yesterdays Derwent Valley Gazette 30/9/15 has a picture of Haydn and Penny Pearce outside Olga building or the Willow Court Antiques building.

The article mentions the recent donation of 2 Lachlan Park Fire Helmets donated to them buy a person from Gowans Auctions several weeks ago.  Haydn plans to showcase these helmets alongside other items of interest from Willow Court  in a Museum which he plans to open later this year.

He is calling on members of the public to donate or sell any items they have to display at the museum.

**Such a great idea, and something I’m really looking forward to taking a look at. **

I have a few items of interest that I would consider donating on loan, I guess I will need to know more before handing over these precious pieces of history.

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