The Willow Court Consultants Recomendations

malcom macdonald
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FORMING a new entity to own and develop Willow Court was the controversial recommendation of management consultant Malcolm MacDonald’s interim report to the Derwent Valley Council last week. Addressing a public gathering of councillors, committee members and the public last Thursday night.

Reconmendations were:

  • Transferring Willow Court to a new entity at arms-length from the council
  • The entity could be a trust or company limited by guarantee, with a board of management and a project manager
  • The entity would not be the same as the council’s former company Derwent Valley Investments
  • The proposal might need ministerial approval
  • The entity would need a skills-based board of five to eight paid members including representatives of the council, Willow Court Special Committee and the community, with expertise in finance, grants, project management and heritage issues
  • That the council’s existing Willow Court funds be transferred to the new entity
  • That the proceeds of any sale of the Willow Court oval precinct be transferred to the new entity
  • That the State Government be asked to assist the new entity.

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