Tribute to Ward G- FIRE & DESTRUCTION

On the 6th of September 2018 around midday Ward G was set ablaze.
It didn't take long for the Ward to succumb to the flames and subsequently demolished a few hours later.

Ward G was a personal favorite of mine, it was the first Ward I went into on the Willow Court side way back in 2007. It was quite a scary ward, even during the day it was pitch black and you never quite felt safe or secure in there alone.

It was sad to see it slowly deteriorate over the years especially the last few years. I recall about 4 years ago whispers of it being demolished as it was already in a bad state and the foundations were undermined by a burst water main I believe but the old girl hung in there.
There was new hope recently when a private developer bought the ovals wards mid this year, however it was never meant to be.

Rest in Peace Ward G.

Below is my tribute.....